Kavala Kurabiyesi
(Kavala Cookie)

It’s also famous in Greece. It contains almond and sugar powder. It’s hard backed cookie.

(Almond Macaron)

Low quality tastes very bad, but good quality is great. It has hard cover and soft cookie inside. It contains almond and egg inside.

(White Macaron)

If you can find with croquant and chocolate filled, its 10 times better. It is prepared with egg and sugar.

(Pistachio Macaron)

It contains honey, pistachio and some saffron. It’s very nice. It’s similar to Macarons but different. It’s soft baked cookie.

(Coco Cookies)

It has hard cover and soft coconut pieces inside. If you like coconut, you will love and become fan of this.

Un Kurabiyesi
(Flour Cookie)

It contains vanilla inside and sugar powder on it. It’s soft and nice.

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