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(Turkish Switheet)

It contains sugar syrup and a single hazelnut or pistachio piece on it. It’s a nice after dinner dessert. It is easy to prepare, and generally mothers prepared this to their children.

(Yeast Fritters)

It’s like a hard sweet bread and honey over it. Its delicious when its hot. But can be eaten cold as well. Old Turkish tradition is, they prepare Lokma if they have a good news like new baby or promotion or wedding.

Kalbura Bastı
Riddled Egg Shaped Sweet Pastry

It is generally prepared by mothers and grandmothers in Ramadan and Bayram (Eid). It is similar to Şekerpare but it is harder. The shape is given with grater or similar equipment.

Vezir Parmağı
(Finger Shaped Pastry in Syrup)

It’s name is coming from a story. In Ottoman Palace, the Sultan was very angry and was hurting everyone in the palace. One day, the Vizier of the Sultan ordered the palace cooker to prepare a dessert which has an hard cover with sweet taste. When Sultan eat this dessert, he relaxed while he is breaking the hard cover with his teeth.

Hanım Göbeği
(Doughnut in Syrup)

It is like a classical doughnut, and very similar to Lokma. Pistachio pieces on it makes the taste better. Inside is not filled, just pastry.

Şambali Tatlısı
(Damascus Dessert)

It is very nice and little spicy desert. Adem Usta came to İzmir from Bugaria and sold Şambali to all İzmir and became the favorite. He also spent some of his earning for social responsibility projects. His son teaches this to all Turkey, and now his grandson is managing the business.

Kemalpaşa Tatlısı
(Sponge Pastry Rolls in Syrup)

It’s soft and delicious. 2-3 pieces are enough. Also the pastry contains some cheese inside. In the history, it is first prepared in small milk houses in Bursa, and then became famous.

(Syrup Soaked Pastry)

It’s very similar to Lokma, but different taste and shape. Its eaten cold. If its cover is soft, it means it is not fresh, it should be hard. In Italy, Zeppola is almost same taste with this desert.

(Sweet Semolina Pastry)

It is first prepared in Ottoman Palace to celebrate the conquer of new lands in 1635. It is soft and like a sponge. Taste is like a sweet wet bread.

Dilber Dudağı
(Lip Shaped Sweet Pastry)

It’s soft dessert with sweet taste. The story is, it is prepared by the young villager girls (Who reaches marriage age) to their lovers. If the boy taste it and like it, he marries with the girl. It symbolize the lady speaks sweet if the taste is nice.

Halka Tatlısı
(Ring Shaped Pastry)

You can find this dessert with various different type (Pistachio, Nuts, Cacao etc.) in city Adana, but in Istanbul, you can only find classical one like in the photo. If you can find it when it is newly fried, you will like it more. If you want to just try it, you can share 1 piece for 2 person.

Tarçınlı Hamur
(Cinnamon Pastry)

Baked pastry is rounded with cinnamon powder and sugar. It smells great and generally eaten with chocolate or caramel sauce.

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