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Tahinli Çörek
(Sesame Oil Brioche)

It’s made from sesame oil and walnut with rolled shape. If you taste the sesame oil too much, it means it is good quality. If it is like an old bread, it is not good.

Haşhaşlı Çörek
(Poppy Bread)

It is very famous in Amasya, and you can find it only in big patisseries. There is a poppy inside, and it is not so sweet or salty. It is nice with tea.

Dağıstan Çöreği
(Daghistan Bread)

Its name is coming from a Russian district Daghistan. A young Turkish boy was working in a bakery in Daghistan and prepared this bread with various prices, and everyone loved this new taste. When he returned to Turkey, he was very old, and he teached this to the bakery across his house, and it became famous in Turkey as well.

Paskalya Çöreği
(Sweet Yeast Bread)

It’s made from vanilla or sahlep. It smells great. Taste is very soft and sweet. Sometimes they also add gumdrop in it.

Cevizli Çörek
(Walnut Bread)

It is very famous in Safranbolu (Karabük) which is also touristic place in Turkey. The main taste is the bread, and you will not taste walnut too much.

Yılbaşı Çöreği

The rumor is, Turks learned this great taste from Greek friends. In the history, while the Greek and Turkish families celebrates the new years eve, the Greek families give this bread to Turkish neighbors. The patisseries prepare this when the date is closer to new year.

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