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It’s classical and the most famous one. It is prepared with 40 layers of phyllo. Inside is filled with pistachio or walnut or hazelnut. And got wet by a sugar syrup. The first ever baklava recipe was written in 1330, by Middle Asia Turks.

Havuç Dilim Baklava
(Carrot Shape Baklava)

There is no carrot inside, but the name is coming from its shape. It’s very similar to classical baklava, but this one is bigger. There is no edge in the cuts, and you will have optimum taste of pistachio, that is the biggest difference. You can also put ice cream inside this baklava.

Saray Sarma
(Round Piece Baklava)

Inside is filled with pistachio or walnut. And since its small rounds, the taste will be great enough. If you don’t like baklava, please be curious to try this.

Burma Kadayıf
(Shredded wheat dessert)

It’s tasty with pistachio inside. The cover is hard shredded wheat which makes it better. It can be on Stick or spiral shape. Some shops prepare this with walnut, but pistachio is the better one.

Şöbiyet Baklava
(Baklava with Cream and Pistachio)

This baklava is a good option for the lovers of milk taste instead of sugar syrup. It’s soft and wet. The taste is soft as well.

(Shredded wheat under Pistachio)

Under the full pistachio layer, there is a soft shredded wheat. If the pistachios are soft, it’s not fresh. Half piece should be better than whole piece since it has a strong taste.

Kuru Baklava
(Dry Baklava)

It’s same with classical baklava, but there is no sugar syrup. It’s dry and the taste gets richer by the pistachio covers. If you try classical baklava and think the sugar is too much, then you can try Kuru Baklava.

Fistik Dolama / Dürüm
(Rolled Pistachio)

Its great for the pistachio lovers because you can taste mostly the pistachio. And its not too wet with syrup. It’s special. You can also have an ice-cream near it.


It’s serviced hot with a sugar syrup and pistachio on it. And it contains melted sweet cheese inside. It’s strong desert and one portion can be too much for 1 person if you eat after lunch or dinner. There is a rumor that says, Turks learned this dessert from Lebanon.

Halep Kadayıfı
(Shredded wheat with honey)

Full piece pistachios are covered with shredded wheat and honey poured on it. Serviced in wheel shape like in the photo. It’s also famous and well known in Aleppo / Syria.

Sütlü Nuriye
(Milky Baklava)

Even the motherland of the baklava is Gaziantep, this one is first prepared in Istanbul. In 1980 military coup, after the complain of a Turkish General about high Baklava prices, the government limited the sale price of the baklava. But since it was lower than the costs, baklava shops used hazelnut instead of pistachio and added milk to increase the weight, and lower the costs. But surprisingly, everyone loved this new taste.

Fıstıklı Katmer
(Crisp Flaky Pastry with Pistachio)

It’s first ever prepared by Middle Asia Turks. It has a strong taste with pistachio. Also in some restaurants you can see Katmer with sesame oil or with opium. Generally, it is eaten when it is warm.

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