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Türk Kahvesi
(Turkish Coffee)

Turkish coffee has a 500 years history in Turkey. Generally Turkish people drink it after the breakfast to have more energy. It is prepared from the green coffee beans has a foam on it. If it is prepared with correct techniques, the foam will be more.

(Linden Tea)

It is generally prepared by mothers when their children are sick and this is like a magical cure. Decreases the fever, lower the temer and stress.


It is one of my favourite drink and generally Turkish people drink it in cold weathers. Cinnamon powder has a good taste on it. Sahlep is prepared from orchidaceous plant.


Turkish people drink tea generally in the breakfasts and also in daily breaks. The best tea in Turkey is grown in Rize city. Some people like it with lemon inside. But milk is not used often.

Ada Çayı
(Sago Tea)

It is very healthy tea and generally Turkish ladies are fan of this drink. It cleans internal organs and refreshes the body.

Mırra Kahvesi
(Myrrh Coffee)

It is famous in eastern regions of Turkey. It is heated 2 hours and it is very hard to prepare and generally serviced in special days. The tradition is, you should drink the coffee in one shot, and after you finish, you should give the cup back directly, and do not put it on the table.

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