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Mercimek Çorbası
(Lentil Soup)

Ingredients: Red lentil, carrot, pepper, butter, onion, flour


It is the most famous soup for lunch and dinners. Some people like it with lemon.

Tarhana Çorbası
(Tarhana Soup)

Ingredients: Yoghurt, flour, mint, red pepper, green pepper, onion, tomato

The history is, the Sultan of Ottoman went outside the palace with regular clothes to inspect the city with his viziers in Ramadan. And at the finishing time of fasting, a citizen offered them to eat together without knowing he is the Sultan. And Sultan eat this soup here and liked it too much, and then, it started to be cooked in the palace as well.

Düğün Çorbası
(Wedding Soup)

Ingredients: Meat, yoghurt, flour, butter, chilli pepper, egg


In old Turkish tradition, the day after the wedding, the parents of the groom give a lunch to all relatives coming from far cities. And the soup was always Wedding Soup. Bride do not drink this soup unless the mother of groom gives the bride a jewelry.

Ezogelin Çorbası
(Bride Soup)

Ingredients: Red lentil, tomato, rice

It is famous in kebab stores. Its name is coming from a bride name Ezo who escape from Gaziantep to Syria for her love 

Karalahana Çorbası
(Black Cabbage Soup)

Ingredients: Black Cabbage, onion, corn, butter, olive oil, potato, tomato, haricot beans, pepper, bulgur

It is famous in Black sea region of Turkey. The history is, in Giresun city, after an heavy snow, all the roads are blocked, and the food storage of the village finished. A mother found Black Cabbage in the forest and prepared this food for all her family and then the village to keep them alive

Yuvalama Çorbası
(Nesting Soup)

Ingredients: Chickpea, meat, rice, yoghurt, egg, oil, mint


It is famous soup in Gaziantep. It is an old tradition that, in all Bayrams in Gaziantep, people cook this soup for the visitors. It is very hard to cook this soup nice.

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