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(Doner Kebap)

Ingredients: Beef Meat


Döner is the most famous kebab in Turkey and known worldwide. It is delicious because since it is heated vertical, the tasty meat water drips from top to down. There are 2 types of Döner. Minced Döner (Whole pieces) and Leaf Döner (Small pieces). My favourite is "Leaf Döner". Original döner prepared with beef meat but also chicken döner is famous in Turkey.

Cağ Kebap
(Cag Kebab)

Ingredients: Lamb or Goat Meat

It is totally different from Döner even it looks like. It’s cooked horizontal and it’s hard meat. Cağ kebab is very famous in Erzurum and the first family prepared Cağ Kebab is known as: Kipczak Turks. It has 300 years history. If you order half-cooked Cağ Kebab, it’s name is Tatari, and it’s more delicious.

Urfa Kebap
(Urfa Kebab)

Ingredients: Lamb mince, sweet red pepper powder


Urfa Kebap is almost same with Adana Kebap but it is less spicy. 

İskender Kebap
(Iskender Kebab)

Ingredients: Doner, pita, green pepper, tomato sauce, yoghurt, melted hot butter

Iskender is made from Minced Döner with yoghurt, tomato sauce and melted hot butter.

Adana Kebap
(Adana Kebab)

Ingredients: Lamb mince, hot red pepper, sweet red pepper powder

It is also very famous kebab in Turkey and it’s very hot spicy. The tradition is, rolling it inside the tortilla which is known as: "Dürüm". If you do not like hot spices, you can order Urfa Kebab which is without hot spice.

Fıstıklı Kebap
(Pistachio inside Kebab)

Ingredients: Lamb mince, pistachio

It’s new generation kebab. If you are surprised to see pistachio inside the kebab, you should try it, and see how delicious it is. It is not spicy like Adana Kebab.

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