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Ezine Peyniri
(White Cheese - Feta)

Ezine Peyniri is soft, salty and very delicious. If it’s full fat, the taste is better. Turkish people’s favorite in breakfasts. Also inside the sandwich, it’s nice

izmir tulumu.jpg
İzmir Tulumu
(İzmir Brynza)

It’s taste is between white cheese and aged cheese. It has soft taste and not a strong aroma. But it’s delicious.

Kars Gravyer
(Kars Gruyere Cheese)

It’s mother land is Switzerland (Gruyere), and in Turkey, Kars city prepares most delicious one. If the holes in the cheese are small and frequent, it’s not good quality. It take 10 months to prepare this cheese.

Van Otlu Peynir
(Van Herby Cheese)

Van city is famous with rich breakfasts and this cheese is the most famous one on the table. It’s prepared from ewe’s milk and herbs. You can feel some garlic taste.

Çerkez (Sepet) Peyniri
(Circassian Cheese)

It is not very famous in Turkish breakfasts, but it’s nice too. It’s hard and not salty and a little sooty. It smells very nice. It is prepared in 3 months time and it has a very hard process.

Urfa Örgü Peynir
(Plaited Cheese)

It is very salty and hard cheese. For the best taste you can put some water and butter inside a pan, and melt the cheese. It’s too strong to eat directly.

Antep Peyniri
(Antep Cheese)

It is prepared with goat or eve’s milk. It is not salty, and in Gaziantep city, generally this cheese used for desserts too. But generally eaten in the breakfasts.

Lor Peyniri
(Whey Cheese)

It is soft cheese which is prepared from the remaining pieces of Feta cheese. It is generally used in Börek since it is not salty but tasty.

Mengen Peyniri
(Mengen Cheese)

It is prepared with cow and eve’s milk. It is famous in Bolu breakfasts. Mengen is a district inside Bolu and the best cookers of Turkey are from Mengen. So you can expect a very nice taste :)

Trakya Eski Kaşar
(Aged Cheese)

It’s middle-hard cheese and salty. It’s the second famous cheese in Turkish breakfasts. After you eat, if you feel a strong aroma, it means it’s good quality. If not, it’s not real one. Taste is a little similar to Parmesan.

Erzincan Tulum Peyniri-500x500.jpg
Erzincan Tulumu
(Erzincan Brynza)

It is totally different from İzmir Tulumu. It’s aged inside goatskin and when you cut it, it becomes small pieces. It’s generally used with hot bread or tortilla. In Kebab restaurants, they generally bring it with hot tortilla as a starter.

Burgu Peynir
(Corkscrew Cheese)

It is a new generation cheese. It’s not salty and can be eaten like a healthy snack.

Mihaliç Peyniri
(Mihalic Cheese)

It is famous in Bursa and Balıkesir cities, and prepared from ewe’s milk. It’s very salty and has a very strong aroma. For the best taste, i suggest you to use it inside the toasts because the famous nationwide Susurluk Toast prepared with Mihaliç Peyniri.

Hellim Peyniri
(Halloumi Cheese)

It is soft and middle salty. Most tasty Hellim Peyniri is prepared with goat milk. For the best taste, you can grill it without oil, it will not melt too much. Also you can put it inside your salads as well.

Çeçil Peyniri
(Cecil Cheese)

It is soft and little salty. It’s separated to pieces and it’s aroma is not very strong. It is nice for light cheese lowers.

Keçi Peyniri
(Goat Cheese)

It is like a feta cheese but the taste is different. It is soft and has a great aroma. It’s taste is like a cream.

Çökelek Peyniri
(Cottage Cheese)

It is prepared from the yoghurt. It does not have fat inside. And it is nice with spices.

Külek Peyniri
(Pot Cheese)

It is aged cheese inside the wooden boxes. Famous in Trabzon. It is melted in a pan with butter and eaten in the breakfasts.

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