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It is a Turkish tradition cheap breakfast. You can put any of these inside to make it more tasty: Cheddar, salami, olive paste, spicy sausage (Sucuk). Or you can try with Nutella for a sweet taste.


Poğaça is survivor of fast breakfasts. Generally people buy this in the mornings to eat while walking to their school or work. Cheese or cheddar stuffed buns are very nice.

(Savory Bun)

It is very nice and tasty and puffy. It has little more fat downside. It is very nice with chicken/turkey salami or cheese or chocolate cream. 

Çekirdekli Simit
(Bagel with Sunflower Seeds)

It is a new generation bagel. Instead of sesame, sunflower seeds used in this bagel. It is also nice and tasty. 

Mayasız Poğaça
(Unleavened Buns)

This is my favourite buns. The taste is totally different than the classical buns. It is not puffy and while you are eating you can feel the layers. You can find this in Börek stores. Even it is mentioned in cold pastry, it is better when it is little warm. Ofcourse with cheese it is better. 

(Smyrna Buns)

It is little hard to find this in Istanbul but if you find, it will worth trying. It is famous in İzmir city. İzmir citizens eat Boyoz with boiled egg. It is smilar to Unleavened Buns.

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