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Tavuk Göğsü
(Chicken Breast Pudding)

It contains very little fibrous chicken breast but you will not taste chicken. Cinnamon powder makes it better. It’s first prepared in Ottoman Palace. Faith Sultan Mehmet (Conqueror) was the biggest fan of this dessert. Also in Roman Empire, they eat a dessert very similar to Tavuk Göğsü.

(Tapioca Pudding)

It contains tapioca and it has very soft taste. Cinnamon powder makes it batter. Some patisseries prepare it with gumdrop. In old Turkish tradition, the couples are meeting each other in Muhallebi shops. It is also very similar to "Without Chicken" Tavuk Göğsü.

(Noah’s Pudding - Ashoura)

It contains min 7 grains. Muslims believes that, after the biblical flood, when he steps on the land, Noah prepared Aşure with his last ingredients to keep everyone alive.

Krem Karamel
(Creme Caramele)

This dessert is generally prepared by grandmothers to their grandchildren in Turkish tradition. It is soft dessert like a pudding. Taste is similar to caramel ice cream. It is also famous is France and Spain.

(Saffron and Rice Desert)

The tradition is, Zerde is offered to the visitors after new born babies and weddings. Saffron is added to give it yellow color. It contains also some clove. It is also famous in Iran with different name.

(Rokoko Ice-Cream Cake)

It’s ice-cream cake with chocolate sauce on it. Sometimes they put some fruits inside but my opinion is, without fruits it’s better.

(Pudding with Burned Bottom)

It is same taste with Tavuk Göğsü but the bottom tray is burned with fire and it is caramelized. In the history, the cooker of the house prepares Tavuk Göğsü for the house owners, and they leave the burned bottom tray to house personnel. When the house owners discovered the great taste of burned bottom tray, it became famous. Now they burn the top of Tavuk Göğsü with direct fire to prepare Kazandibi. The first man mentioned Kazandibi is Mahmud Nedim (1790).

(Rice Pudding)

It contains some soft rice inside and its top is burned inside oven. Turkish babies tastes this first as a semi-solid food after the milk. In 1570 Para V. Pius offered this as a "Turkish Milk Rice" to his visitors in the supper. It’s also famous in North European countries and Italy.

(Milk & Almond Pudding)

It contains almond, milk, rice flour and potato flour. And also some coconut. In Turkish, Keşkül is the name a bag of Dervishes. In the history, dervishes collects money from people inside this bag, and with the collected amount, they prepare this dessert and give it to the poor people. That is why the name of the dessert is also Keşkül.

(Rice Wafers with Rose and Milk)

It’s the most famous desert in Ramadan. If you like rose marmalade, you will like this too.  It was also famous dessert in Ottoman Palace. Sultan II. Murat (1500) is also one of the biggest fan of this dessert.

Maraş Dondurması
(Maraş Ice-Cream)

Maraş Ice-Cream is very delicious and strong. The secret of the taste is goat milk. In the Maraş Dondurması kiosks, they will give you this ice cream with shows, so it is better to prepare your cameras first

(Adisababa Ice-Cream Cake)

There are fruit and pistachio ice-cream inside and covered by a soft chocolate. It’s a special cake and you can find it only in good patisseries.

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