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Beyoğlu Çikolatası
(Beyoglu Chocolate)

The first and most famous brand is Zambo (1950). There are big square of dark and milk chocolate bars filled with pistachio or hazelnut or almond.


Pastry rolls will with cream coated by a chocolate sauce. Pistachio is also good option inside. They say that, Profiterol was first prepared by an half French half Turkish gourmet cooker.

Mozaik Pasta
(Mosaic Cake)

It is favorite of all Turkish children. It is very simple to prepare with cacao, milk and biscuit. Pistachio or orange inside this cake makes the taste much more delicious. It can be eaten frozen like an ice-cream, or like a pudding soft or like a normal cake soft.

(Bolu Chocolate)

It is hazelnut croquant covered with milk or dark or white chocolate. Its first produced by Deniz Pastanesi (2000) in Bolu, and then became famous nationwide. Now also almond and pistachio croquant is available too. But best is hazelnut.


Cream inside sponge fingers and chocolate sauce on it. You can order big piece or small pieces. Big piece is more delicious. Same like profiterol, Ekler is also brought to Turkey by a French cooker Marie-Antoine Careme. "Eclair" is also French origin word.

(Chocolate Pudding)

It is a chocolate pudding but the chocolate taste is stronger. If there are pistachio and chocolate inside, and also some small cake bottom of it, it will be much more great. It is also famous in France and England.

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