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Fıstık Ezmesi
(Fıstık Ezmesi)

Its dry and very tasty for pistachio lovers. It contains max amount of pistachio. 3-4 pieces will be enough.

(Turkish Delight)

There are many kinds of Turkish Delights. Rolled delights are very nice with chocolate cream and pistachio inside. And fruit delights are nice too.

Cevizli Sucuk

It contains pekmez or grape cover and filled with walnut. Its tasty and very nice. Since it’s hanged with rope for drying, you should remove the rope passing inside before eating.

Fıstıklı Krokan
(Pistachio Croquant)

Croquant are always very tasty, and you can try it with your favorite dry fruit. This is my favorite. Because pistachio quality is very high in Turkey, and that's why it is more delicious.

Fındıklı Krokan
(Hazelnut Croquant)

Northern side of Turkey is heaven of hazelnut, and the quality is worldwide. Even the famous brand Nutella is using high quality Turkish hazelnuts. So, this will be one of the best croquant you can ever taste in the world.

Ceviz Ezmesi
(Walnut Buttere)

Walnut quality is best in Burdur, and there are many desserts prepared with walnut there. This is the most famous one since it can stay long time and taste will be same.

Badem Ezmesi

Real Marzipan is a little expensive in Turkey but it also means it is prepared from a real almond. In Turkey it is not served with chocolate.

Mesir Macunu
(Mesir Paste)

It contains 41 different spices. It’s first prepared for the wife of Sultan Selim. It’s very health and smells very nice. It can be like a stick share or more liquid like a honey.


It contains carrot paste baked with sugar. And sometimes it contains some pistachio for more taste too. It is good for health.

Bademli Krokan
(Almond Croquant)

Almond has different qualities in Turkey. And good almond is a little expensive. So if you find this with cheap price, most probably the almond taste is not good or maybe they include some peanut to decrease the costs. With good quality almond, it is extremely delicious.

Susamlı Krokan
(Sesame Croquant)

It is a little hard to crack but really delicious. They generally use honey in the croquant and the taste is double nice with it. You can eat this small every time you want sweet, not all at once. Because it is a little strong sesame taste since it is pressed.

Tahin Pekmez
(Molasses with Sesame Oil)

In Turkish tradition, this can be eaten after fish or in the breakfasts. When you merge these together, there will be a totally new taste. In some markets, they sell ready mix, but it is always better to mix these 2 yourself. The ratio is 66% sesame oil, 33% molasses. But of course you can change this while preparing according to your own pleasure. (Tip: Put the sesame oil first, and pour molasses on it)

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