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Akide Şekeri

It’s the most famous sugar-candy in Turkey. And it’s very healthy. The history of Berlingot goes to Ottoman Palace. Its given to the Janissaries to show the  Palace’s pleasure on them.

Hurma Şekeri
(Date Palm Sugar)

Its new generation of Mevlana Şekeri. Its soft and very delicious. It also has a soft taste similar to chocolate.

Badem Şekeri
(Sugared Almond)

It’s almond covered with white sugar. Also some of them uses chocolate between almond and the sugar, it’s nice too. It’s also most famous wedding candy. Because the tradition is coming from the war between Japan and China. Bonzes give this candy to soldiers to finish the war, and after that, Japan and China started marriages between them.

Kestane Şekeri
(Chestnut Sweet)

It is very famous in Bursa, and the best taste is there. Kafkas Kiosks are Bursa based. You can also try with chocolate cover chestnut sweet. Its also famous in France too.

Mevlana Şekeri
(Rumi Sugar)

It melts inside the mouth and very sweet. Generally singers eat this candy because it prepares the singer to start singing very quickly

(Dry Fruit Roll-up)

It’s made from grape or apricot or white mulberry or fig. Old Turkish villagers pastes and dries the summer fruits and prepare these candy to eat in winter.

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